The 14th Brazil International Bicycle Trade Fair in 2015




 Exhibition introduction
The Brazilian International Bi-wheel Trade Fair (Brazil Bi-wheel Exhibition) has lasted 24 years since 1991. After a long effort, combined with market trends, goals, intelligence, planning and strategy, Brazil Bi-wheel Exhibition has finally become the best motorcycle fair in South America with the best recycling rate.
The Brazil Biennale is held once every two years, and the number of exhibitors and visitors in each session has increased significantly compared with the previous one, attracting many exhibitors and visitors from Brazil and abroad. In 2006, there were more than 20000 registered buyers and more than 30000 unregistered visitors; In 2008, there were more than 21000 registered buyers and more than 40000 unregistered visitors; In 2010, more than 23000 registered buyers, more than 50000 unregistered visitors and more than 120 motorcycle manufacturers from all over the world participated in the exhibition. It is estimated that there will be about 300 exhibitors and more than 120000 visitors at the 2012 Brazil Bike Expo.
In order to successfully hold the 2012 Brazil Double Exhibition, the organizing committee has done a long time of research and discussion on the international market demand and market trend. The two-wheel auto show in Brazil will play a catalytic role. There is no doubt that the largest motorcycle exhibition in South America will enable exhibitors and customers to reach more orders. In the context of globalization, with the comprehensive popularity of motorcycles, bicycles and other two-wheeled vehicles, they have become an indispensable part of the public's mind and even the market demand.
Bicycles such as motorcycles and bicycles are convenient means of transportation for rural, urban leisure and urban service industries (small batch sales and delivery) in South America, and are important tools for short distance and inter-city travel of low-income families, as well as important means of transportation and information transmission in rural, farm and backward areas.
2 The sales growth of motorcycle market is closely related to economic development. The analysis shows that the price growth of Brazilian motorcycles is significantly lower than that of the price index. This also indirectly led to the growth of motorcycle sales. At present, in the northern and northeastern regions of Brazil, the sales volume of motorcycles has exceeded that of automobiles. For example, in the state of Sierra, the number of motorcycles in 160 cities (180 cities in total) has exceeded that of automobiles.
The motorcycle market is large and developing rapidly. It is expected that the annual sales volume will reach 1.6-2 million units in the next five years. However, Brazil's own productivity is seriously insufficient, and most of it is supplemented by import trade. Therefore, Brazil encourages foreign investment to enter and foreign enterprises to localize; In the Brazilian motorcycle market, China's largest competitor is Japanese enterprises.
4 Of the 49 Chinese motorcycle brands currently sold in the Brazilian market, only 13 have local factories to produce them, and the rest are imported or assembled in Brazil with 100% imported components.
Exhibition content
1. All kinds of auto parts and engines;
2. Motorcycle, electric motorcycle, power car, moped, trailer, side car, scooter;
3. Motorcycle parts, tires and bead, engine and components, electric equipment;
4. Motorcycle production equipment, tools and shop equipment, motorcycle clothing and appliances, protective equipment, raw materials, semi-finished products, lubricants and packaging materials;
5. Motorcycle tourism and related outdoor products;
6. Bicycle, off-road vehicle, mountain bike, sports car, baby bike, BMX car, racing car, electric bicycle, electric tricycle.
Review of the previous session
Exhibition area: 110000 square meters
Number of exhibitors: 450
Number of visitors: 260000
market analysis
Brazil is a major economic country in Latin America, with the most perfect industrial system in Latin America. Its economic strength ranks first in Latin America, the largest market in the southern hemisphere, and the tenth largest economy in the world. It attracts foreign investment every year, second only to China, and second in developing countries. At present, the trade environment between China and Brazil is good, and the political, economic and cultural relations between the two countries are also in the best period in history. Brazil is China's largest trading partner in Latin America; China is Brazil's third largest trading partner, third largest export market and second largest import market.
China's auto parts products also occupy a large market share in the Brazilian auto parts market. The domestic economy of Brazil is relatively stable, and the reform of import, export and tax will also promote the continuous development of China-Pakistan economic and trade relations. Therefore, the resistance of Chinese enterprises to enter the Brazilian market is relatively small at this time. As the largest motorcycle producer in South America and the fifth largest motorcycle market in the world, Brazil has already become a force that cannot be underestimated in the motorcycle industry. The motorcycle industry in Brazil has not only developed rapidly, but also has great potential for sustainable development, which makes it a well-deserved sunrise industry in Brazil,
There are more than 30 domestic motorcycles sold in Brazil. These products have assembly lines in Brazil and mainland China. In the past 10 years, the demand for motorcycles in Brazil has increased significantly. Chinese-made motorcycles have taken advantage of the trend and emerged in the past three years. More than 2 million motorcycles are sold in Brazil every year. In the Brazilian motorcycle market, the share of Chinese products has increased to nearly 10%.
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