The company's "2012 Business Plan Decomposition Seminar"


From November 19 to 20, 2011, the company held the "2012 Business Plan Decomposition Seminar" in the conference room of Rhino Hotel, which announced the company's 2012 business plan policy and objectives, the company-level key projects in 2012, the department-level key projects and the department's Q/C/D/M/S objectives, and each department reported on how to complete the company's 2012 business plan and key projects and ensure the smooth completion of all objectives. At the meeting, everyone spoke enthusiastically, offered ideas and fully expressed their opinions and suggestions. After two days of heated discussion, everyone unified their ideas, clarified their methods, and was more confident in achieving the goal of 2012!  
1. Seminar site
2. The chairman and general manager listen to the reports of each department
3. Group photo of participants
4. Department leaders report