2016 International Biwheel Exhibition in Jakarta, Indonesia


Exhibition time: March 29th - April 1st, 2016
Holding cycle: once a year
The first session was held in 2011
Exhibition industry: auto parts/motorcycle parts/bicycle -- motorcycle
Venue: Asia - Indonesia - Jakarta
Exhibition Hall: Jakarta International Exhibition Center, Indonesia
Exhibition scale: 10000-20000
Exhibition scope:
1. Motorcycle
2. Motorcycle accessories
3. Bicycle, light electric vehicle
4. Bicycle and light electric vehicle accessories
INABIKE is a professional international trade exhibition of two-wheeled vehicle industry
The exhibition provides a platform for the international trade of the two-wheeled vehicle industry and is the unique one-stop exhibition marketing platform for the transportation industry in Indonesia. Inabike will be held jointly with Inapa and IIBT.
Strong influence: the exhibition was supported by the Indonesian Ministry of Industry, the Indonesian National Government, the Indonesian Ministry of Trade and the Indonesian Ministry of Export Development;
High degree of internationalization: the target customers of INABIKE's visit in 2014 mainly came from importers and exporters, manufacturers, dealers and intermediaries in Indonesia and relevant countries; Research and development planning agency; Design engineer of the factory; Quality control and quality assurance professionals; Investors in the field of motorcycles or bicycles.
High professional level: the exhibition covers passenger cars, commercial vehicles, two-wheeled vehicles and their accessories, and is the unique one-stop exhibition marketing platform for the transportation industry in Indonesia. The latest products of two-wheeled vehicles and accessories were exhibited. The exhibition is highly professional from both the category of exhibits and the perspective of the audience. Participating countries include the Philippines, Austria, Singapore, China, Finland, India, Japan, Italy, Belarus, South Korea, the United States, the United Kingdom, Vietnam, etc.
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