Causes of motorcycle bearing damage


Detailed analysis of the causes of motorcycle bearing damage. Many bearings (such as steering column, front and rear wheel hub, rear chain disc, rear reducer of finished vehicle, etc.) are used in various moving parts of the motorcycle and are precision components. Bearings produced by regular manufacturers are generally inspected as qualified products when leaving the factory, but correct installation and use are also important. During the use of motorcycle, if the bearing ball cage falls off, the working surface in the rolling groove is worn, peeled off, and the rotation is stuck, there are few quality problems of the bearing itself, and there are many problems in use and installation. Next, we will analyze the problems that are easy to occur in various parts of the motorcycle one by one, so that the maintenance industry and owners can pay attention to them and avoid unnecessary losses.
Detailed analysis of each bearing:
1、 The bearing on the wheel after completion.
Generally, the shock absorption after completion is single support, and the load is large. If poor road conditions do not slow down, it is easy to cause wear and affect the service life. Attention should be paid to water ingress when washing the car.
2、 Bearings on front and rear hubs and rear chain discs.
Because the car owner wades too deep or often washes the car in daily use, the water enters the bearing, which makes the lubricating grease in the bearing gradually become invalid, and causes serious wear of the rolling groove and ball in the bearing, and the clearance increases significantly; If the front and rear wheels are assembled too tight or too loose at the time of delivery or sale, the driving will be unstable over time, the bearing will be stuck or the bearing displacement will be loose, the ball cage will be damaged or fall off, and the gap will be too large, which will cause the brake disc to rub against the wheel hub and increase the driving resistance; The bearing on the rear sprocket plate is very easy to get water or be adjusted too tight or too loose, which will cause damage. Therefore, the owner should pay special attention when washing the car or when the water is too deep, and check and maintain it in time. If it is damaged, the replacement must be in place, and the wheel shall be adjusted to rotate flexibly without obvious clearance.
3、 The large and small end roller bearings and the ball bearings on both sides of the crankshaft connecting rod are generally easy to be damaged by the two-stroke engine.
The main reasons for the damage of the connecting rod large and small roller bearings are: the oil quality is too poor or the oil quantity is too small: the temperature of the engine is too high during operation, which increases the softening of the friction heat generating surface, premature fatigue peeling of the working surface occurs, and the peeling particles enter the cage of the steel column, resulting in operation retardation; The roller produces abnormal load on the cage, which aggravates the wear of the cage, resulting in the fracture of the cage and the locking of the crankshaft connecting rod. However, if the replaced oil of four-stroke engine is fake or has a long service life, the reduced lubricating efficiency will aggravate the wear and easy to cause impurities to block the oil passage; After the assembly or overhaul of the new vehicle, the bearing rotation is blocked due to the insufficient cleaning on the site or the hard foreign matters carried by the tools used for calibration entering the bearing channel; The crankshaft is not concentrically pressed or the crank is misaligned during installation, which increases the rotating load of the bearing and causes damage.
4、 Upper and lower bearings of steering column
Due to the failure of the front shock absorber, insufficient lubrication or improper tightening force, the ball is broken or the working surface of the ball is peeled off, resulting in the steering of the steering handle is jerky or deviated, which affects the safety of driving.
To sum up, the bearing damage is mainly caused by poor lubrication, improper installation, improper clearance fit and bad use environment. If it is not found or repaired early, it will cause large losses or affect the driving safety.