The 12th Vietnam International Automobile and Motorcycle Manufacturing Industry Technology Exhibition


Supporting units: Vietnam Ministry of Transport, Vietnam Ministry of Industry and Trade, Vietnam Ministry of Science and Technology, Vietnam Ministry of Resources and Environment
Vietnam hosts: Vietnam Federation of Industry and Commerce, Vietnam Automobile Manufacturers Association, Vietnam Automobile and Motorcycle Industry Association
Organized by Vietnam: Vietnam Asia Trade Promotion and Exhibition Co., Ltd., Vietnam New Era Co., Ltd
China Undertaker: Guangxi Nanning Yuezhong Exhibition Business Co., Ltd
Tour time: May 26 to May 29, 2016
Tour venue: SECC, Saigon International Convention and Exhibition Center, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Exhibition introduction:
"Saigon Autotech" is an international exhibition with the largest scale and the highest degree of specialization in Vietnam's automobile and motorcycle manufacturing industry and supporting industries. The exhibition area of the 11th exhibition in 2015 is about 15000 square meters, among which the main participating countries and regions are: Chinese enterprises account for 29%, Vietnam accounts for 36%, Japan accounts for 8%, Taiwan accounts for 20%, etc. The type of enterprises participating in the exhibition is 2.8% of the import and export enterprises of complete automobiles; 5.5% of motorcycle and electric motorcycle enterprises; 82.5% of auto and motorcycle parts and supplies enterprises; Rubber tire enterprises 3%; Others: 6.2%, the exhibition attracted about 60000 professional visitors and terminal buyers. According to statistics, the overall satisfaction of the exhibitors reached 70%, with an average of 40% of the exhibitors signing up to rent the booth of the next exhibition immediately after the exhibition so as to keep the original exhibition position. The exhibition area is expected to be 16000 square meters in 2016; 14 countries and regions were invited, with an estimated 60000 visitors. Meanwhile, ASEAN delegations including Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia and the Philippines were attracted to visit the procurement team.
List of previous Vietnam's leading enterprises:
Vietnam Ford, Vietnam Mercedes-Benz, Vietnam Honda, Mekong Auto, Vietnam Suzuki, Daewoo Bus, EURO AUTO – BMW, Vietnam Hyundai, LAND ROVER, CHRYSLER, JEEP, DODGE, NISSAN, PORSCHE, NKAR; Vietnam Automobile Industry Corporation (VINAMOTOR), Saigon Transportation Machinery Corporation (SAMCO), Vietnam Power and Agricultural Machinery Corporation (VEAM), Vietnam Coal and Mineral Group (VINACOMIN), Da Nang Automobile Equipment Co., Ltd. (DAMCO), and Wujia Automobile Equipment Co., Ltd; Changhai Automobile Co., Ltd., Chunjian Private Automobile Enterprise (VINAXUKI), Huangcha Automobile Company, Hejiang Electromechanical Company (EMC), Changqing Automobile Company Defang Automobile Group; KAMAS、VIETSAN、JRD、LIFAN;
Exhibition scope:
Components: engine system, transmission system, chassis system, exhaust system; Axle, reversing mirror, car lock, steering, brake, bearing, piston, spark plug, suspension system, accessories for car body, air conditioning and refrigeration equipment for car, motor appliances, electronic devices, electrical systems, circuits, battery power supply, automotive environmental protection and energy-saving products, etc.
Manufacturing equipment: various auto and motorcycle production equipment and complete systems, detection and diagnosis systems and equipment, refitting equipment, surface treatment and coating equipment, maintenance detection and diagnosis equipment and tools, paint plant equipment, tire retreading equipment, etc.
Auto and motorcycle products: cashmere products, cooling pads, interior and exterior decoration, beauty care products, car wash chain, audio and video equipment, security and anti-theft, electrical appliances, electronic communications, field supplies, modified parts, auto repair and auto maintenance tools, environmental protection products, etc.
Rubber tires: various vehicle tires and hubs, tire manufacturing and design, tire accessories and accessories, retreaded tire products and tire related products; Complete sets of mechanical equipment and accessories, single machines, technologies and molds for rubber tire manufacturing and testing; Various rubber tire raw materials, synthetic rubber, recycled rubber, carbon black, various additives, steel cord, skeleton materials, etc.
Supporting industries: vehicle design and information technology; Special materials for production and manufacturing (steel, metal and alloy materials, composite materials, coatings, etc.); Industrial new energy, environmental protection and energy-saving technology and equipment; Parking lot equipment, gas station equipment, traffic safety technical equipment and road sign materials, etc. 
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