How much do you know about automobile bearings?


1、 Automobile bearing hazards include
1. The friction between the brake hub and the brake pad is abnormal, which greatly increases the driving resistance, and the rolling is not smooth, resulting in power loss;
2. Affects the comfort, the vehicle deviates, and the tire noise increases;
3. The suspension is damaged, the wheel mechanism is damaged, the wheel hub falls off, and the steering system fails.
2、 The method to detect the damage of automobile bearing is:
1. The car is buzzing and noisy when driving;
2. Put your left hand on the damping spring and turn the tire with your right hand. The left hand vibration will damage the front wheel bearing;
3. High calorific value, feel hot with your hands;
4. The steering wheel shakes during driving.
3、 Reasons for damage of automobile bearings:
1. Improper assembly and adjustment, axial clearance too tight;
2. Poor lubrication, dry friction between roller and raceway, resulting in sintering of automobile bearings;
3. The quality of the bearing itself is defective;
4. The installation is not clean or there is foreign matter in the lubricating oil;
5. The bearing box is poorly shaped.