What symptoms does the car bearing break?


The main function of the automobile bearing is to bear the load and provide accurate guidance for the rotation of the wheel hub. It is a part with high requirements for strength and precision, and plays an absolutely connecting role in automobiles.
Once the bearing problem is very serious, the wheel mechanism may be damaged due to the bearing failure when the vehicle is running, resulting in the wheel hub falling off and causing serious traffic accidents. So the owner must learn to check and judge whether the car bearing is faulty. What are the symptoms of the car bearing fracture?
1. The noise is too loud when the vehicle is running, making a "buzzing" sound.
2. The vehicle deviates and the wheels feel abnormal.
3. When the steering wheel rotates, it will vibrate or make a "squeak".
4. When the body shakes at high speed, the power decreases.
5. After the car is running, the hub temperature is abnormal and the hub surface is hot.